Protect What’s Inside

The health and safety aspect of using a safety knife can never be underestimated. That is why safety knives with enclosed blades are the ultimate choice. They offer the highest form of protection to an individual and virtually eliminate any chance of the user coming into contact with the blade by accident, therefore playing a significant part in reducing workplace injuries or damaging the product.

Moving Edge offers a range of enclosed blade safety hook knives, that are ideally suited for removing packaging materials safely. They can be chosen from how intensively the knife will be used to suit your workplace, from the lightweight Dispo to our ultimate cutting tool, the GR8 Pro. The GR8 range prevents cuts and related accidents with a pocket and finger-safe enclosed blade. This will help prevent a workforce from workplace accidents, as up to 40% of industry injuries are related to hands to some degree, according to the Hand Safety Report.

Moving Edge Safety Knife GR8 Pro Angled cardboard Cutter

Protection for Yourself

According to the HSE Annual Report for 2015, up to 77,593 non-fatal injuries occurred in the workplace. During that year, 24% of them were related to hand injuries. Over 909,000 working days were lost, as a result of handling related injuries, which on average, is 6.6 days lost, per injury.

Protection for yourself and your workforce should be on the utmost importance. By introducing safety knives to your work environment, particular ones with enclosed blades can help to reduce the number of accidents and injuries related to handling.

Moving Edge Safety Knife GR8 Pro Foodsafe  cutting Shrinkwrap

Why the GR8 Range Is the Best for Safety

indispensable place in the work environment. As the GR8 is multipurpose, it can tackle a number of jobs in warehouse environments, from distribution, to shrink wrap, to tape cutting.

The GR8 safety knife range is patented with a Moving Edge mechanism that allows the stainless-steel blade to move in a slicing action, while the safety knife cuts. This action reduces the snagging during the cut and requires significantly less force than a usual safety cutter.

The GR8 range benefits from a range of safety knives, suitable for a wide range of applications, from disposable blades to food-safe blades. Each GR8 safety knife features an enclosed blade that will help to protect the user and greatly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, related to handling.


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