Count the Cost of Safety Knives, Count on Moving Edge

At Moving Edge, we strongly recommend using the right safety knives for work. That is why we now offer a range of knives, cutters and accessories to suit most applications and budgets.

And speaking of budgets, it is easy to be tempted by the cheapest knife in the range (which is becoming more of a market trend) mainly because it is perceived to be the lowest cost option. We use the word ‘perceive’ because a quick-fix solution is not always the most cost-effective knife strategy.

That is why we have launched our handy Safety Knife Calculator. This useful tool calculates the comparison between the long-term costs of disposable safety knives versus blade changeable knives. It demonstrates that where it’s practical to use a blade changeable knife, it is by far the most cost-effective option when evaluating safety knife costs over a 12-month period.

Reducing waste also has an impact on the environment too. Why not give it a whirl? You could be quite surprised!

If you are in the market for more safety knives for work, then don’t forget our disposable knife range has been designed to withstand the toughest environments. Disposable options are ideal for retail stores where blade changing is an unnecessary risk, whereas the GR8 range is perfect for warehousing locations as operators are usually trained and the blades can be controlled.

To further assist in the control of blades, we can also offer the GR8 knives with a fixed pin which can only be removed with a special tool. This ensures blades are changed in a safe area which is especially important in food manufacture or other high-risk applications.

And finally, don’t forget the Moving Edge Sharpsafe waste disposal containers. That comes in a number of sizes that are designed to handle sharps waste and incorporate a lockable lid for safety once the container is full.

For further information, please contact the Moving Edge team.

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