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Moving Edge, a British brand reducing risk at its source.

Over twenty years ago, a simple idea became reality, when one of the first enclosed blade safety knives was introduced in the UK. What better way to reduce risk in the workplace than hide the danger entirely from the user.

Our knowledgeable sales teams in offices throughout Europe and South Africa are here to help you make the right decision. We can provide free product samples and conduct site surveys. We also have a helpful after-sales Customer Service team. If you have a query, we confidently answer it, usually in your own language.

Moving Edge is a brand of the COBA group, which itself celebrated 50 years in business in 2016. A significant milestone for a company that was started by two men in a small factory in Coventry. Learn more about COBA.

Our fully stocked distribution centres give us exceptional logistical reach and enable us to efficiently supply customers throughout Europe, as well as other international countries.


About Moving Edge - A Brand of COBA Europe

The Problem

It’s a fact that hand knives can be dangerous, including in the workplace. Warehouses, Retail, or any location where packaging is removed, are high risk areas for hand cuts. Most of these injuries, ranging from minor cuts to serious lacerations, are due to the knife slipping during cutting.

The simple application of safety knives can prevent this.

Speak to one of our team about performing a knife safety risk assessment at your site and discover what safety knives could mean for your business in terms of reduced accidents.

The Dynamic Blade Concept

The GR8 range of safety knives are unique in the marketplace, thanks to their dynamic blade. Completely enclosed by the knife’s beak the blade poses no risk of cuts to the user, whilst at the same time being allowed to move means the knife has a slicing action that cannot be replicated.

This action reduces snagging during the cut and requires significantly less force than a fixed blade cutter. An additional benefit is the area of contact between the material cut and the blade edge is extended which in turn reduces blade wear.

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