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  • I work in a supermarket, and the GR8 range is better than what is provided. It has lasted me for around a year, during which time it has endured extremely frequent use. I would recommend this to anyone who opens a lot of packages, makes life a lot easier!

  • When I first started using the AutoSafe I was very sceptical as I thought I’d need to use the button more and my colleagues would get RSI. However, since we moved over we haven’t had any accidents and it has controlled the pace of work and stopped hacking into packs, which was causing damage to the product. I can also highly recommend the Anti Stab Blades! Brilliant idea. We now have 60 of these on the DC and my colleagues love them.

    Gary Miller

About Us

Moving Edge is a trusted name in the industry, with a reputation for innovative cutting tools, high-quality safety knives and safety knife accessories. Now a brand of COBA Europe, we have established a range of both enclosed-blade and utility knives, whilst maintaining our proud British innovation dating back over 20 years for dynamic safety knives.

We not only bring our customers the choice they need but the support to use our products safely and effectively in the workplace. We do this thanks to our range of utility knives, disposable box cutters, enclosed safety knives, replacement blades and other accessories that are designed to meet your everyday purpose.

The Moving Edge safety knives are mostly used universally for cutting cardboard, paper, films, carpet, rubber and other packaging materials. This is because of the range of safety blades we offer from anti-stab designs to tape cutter features. Most of our replacement blades use Sheffield’s reliable steel, however, Moving Edge offers ceramic blades for certain models that achieve incredible cutting efficiency and longer usable life span.

Moving Edge uses its patented innovative design to ensure user safety is maintained at a premium. This is because of its safety knife GR8 range only a small area of the safety blade is released, while the rest is sheathed to avoid contact with the user. The hook design also stops the small area of the blade coming into contact with the fingers of the user, making it almost impossible for the user to injure themselves during the cutting process and maintain their efficiency.

Cut safely, choose wisely – use Moving Edge.

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