GR8 Pro – Safety Knife – Box Cutter


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The GR8 Pro is a heavy-duty safety knife with a tough metal body, that’s suitable for the most demanding of applications. Makes light work out of cutting cardboard, shrink wrapping and strapping. A GR8 metal detectable version for use in food production is also available. An enclosed safety blade virtually eliminates any chance of the user coming into contact with the blade and therefore significantly reduces workplace injuries.

  • Pocket and finger-safe – enclosed blade prevents accidents.
  • Built-in tape cutter.
  • Swift blade change prevents extended downtime.


Part Number Description
741242 GR8 Pro Red Handle Knife
742242 GR8 Pro Green Handle Knife
743242 GR8 Pro Yellow Handle Knife
744242 GR8 Pro Blue Handle Knife
745242 GR8 Pro Black Handle Knife
746242 GR8 Pro Foodsafe Knife