How Safe is the GR8?

When used correctly, the GR8 is one of the safest knives on the market. Because the blade is enclosed within a finger-safe gap, it is almost impossible to cut yourself. Nevertheless, you should remember that the GR8 still contains a very sharp blade – even when it is too blunt to cut cardboard, it will be sharp enough to cut you! Please take sensible precautions so that you and your team stay safe.

What are the differences between the GR8 Dispo, Primo and Pro?

Each model in the GR8 range offers similar functionality in the way that it performs. However, apart from the range of available options, the main difference is durability.

The Dispo is recommended for light use, the Primo for light to medium use and the Pro, for all types of use.

What is the thickest material I can cut with the GR8?

Generally speaking, if the material to be cut will fit into the 5mm ‘fingersafe’ gap, then the GR8 will cut it. However, users should bear in mind that if the cutting requires more than a reasonable amount of effort, then it is probably not a suitable item to cut using the GR8.

Can the GR8 be used to cut seatbelts?

The GR8 is probably the best emergency seatbelt cutter available! Because of the enclosed blade and its moving action, it cuts safely and easily. Just remember the 45-degree angle and the cut is quick and effective.

The GR8 can also be used in an emergency to cut clothes. Just remember to create tension with the free hand and cut as normal. Because the blade is protected, it will not cut the individual.

Will the GR8 cut everything?

Not quite! But it will cut most things provided:

  • The material can come into contact with the blade.
  • The angle of cut is 45 degrees.
  • There is tension in the material.
  • The material can be cut with a standard blade.

Can I cut picking holes with the GR8?

Yes you can. Provided the items inside the box are not packed hard against the side of the box, simply pierce the box with the beak of the GR8 and then cut the hole. Remember, for the most effective cut, keep the knife body at the 45-degree angle at all times.

How can I safely dispose of used blades?

Even though a used blade may be considered blunt in a work environment, it nevertheless remains very sharp and can cut with ease.

Safe disposal should be a top priority and to assist in this, Moving Edge introduced the SharpSafe sharps disposal service. SharpSafe is far from an ordinary sharps bin. Each SharpSafe bin is serially pre-numbered for traceability and the purchase price includes delivery to you, return to Moving Edge via our Freepost Address, the issue of a Waste Transfer Note and then proper disposal via incineration. Moving Edge is registered to store waste and is also a Licensed Waste Carrier so you can be sure that your legal obligations in respect of such waste are fully adhered to.

Will the GR8 Pro rust?

The body of the Pro is made from Zinc and is then treated to deliver an extremely high tolerance to rust. If the Pro is looked after by ensuring that corrosive liquids are washed off and the knife kept dry, then it will last a lifetime.

How long do blades last?

It really depends on the material that you are cutting. Shrinkwrap is quite kind to the blade whereas cardboard is very abrasive. The more you cut abrasive materials, the sooner the blade will blunt.

Remember, due to the moving action of the blade in the GR8 range, it will last up to four times longer than a conventional fixed-blade safety knife.

How do I change the blade?

A full description of how the blade is changed is given in the Guidance Notes.

What is the best way to cut banding?

Banding should always be cut at a 45-degree angle. Resist the temptation to pull across the banding because it will be less effective.

My GR8 will not cut!

There are a few possible reasons why the GR8 will not cut.

  • The blade is blunt. Simply reverse or replace the blade.
  • The GR8 is not being held at a 45-degree angle.

Further information is given in the Guidance Notes.

My GR8 blade is not moving!

This could be for one of few possible reasons.

  1. There is something jamming the blade mechanism. When cutting fibrous material or sticky tape material may get caught in the blade cavity. This is not a problem and can be easily removed by moving the handle back and forth and/or picking the caught material out. It is extremely rare that something would jam the mechanism so that the blade will not move at all. However, should this occur, remove the blade according to our instructions – and ensure that the blade cavity is clear. Also ensure that the blade is clean and free from tape.
  2. You are holding the body of the GR8 as well as the handle. Ensure that you only hold the handle of the GR8 and the blade will move automatically when it meets resistance.
  3. You are cutting light materials. The blade only moves when it needs to. If you are cutting light shrink-wrap, it is likely that the shrink-wrap will not create enough tension to move the blade – especially when the blade is new and very sharp.

Where can I buy Moving Edge safety knives?

Moving Edge knives and accessories can be found from a number of trusted safety mail-order suppliers. If you are looking to buy in volume or to become a distributor, please get in touch with us here.

Do you offer food safe knives?

The GR8 Pro Food Safe and the Dispo Food Safe are both made from materials that will trigger the metal detection systems in food production plants. Please note that, due to the high number of different detection systems in use, it is highly advisable that you carry out your own independent tests.

Do Moving Edge come with a guarantee?

The GR8 range is guaranteed against faulty workmanship or materials for the first 12-months from purchase. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason please contact us here.

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