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Enclosed Blade Safety Knives


Cardboard cutting
(Single Wall)

Pallet Wrap

Plastic Banding

Box Opening
(Tape Cutting)



GR8 Pro Universal

GR8 Pro Universal Yes Yes Yes Yes  

GR8 Pro

GR8 Pro   Yes Yes Yes  

GR8 Primo

GR8 Primo   Yes Yes Yes  

GR8 Dispo

GR8 Dispo   Yes Yes Yes  

GR8 Pro Universal Foodsafe

GR8 Pro Universal Food Safe Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

GR8 Pro Foodsafe

GR8 Pro Food Safe   Yes Yes Yes Yes

The Moving Edge – What makes Moving Edge technology so unique?

What is so special about Moving Edge innovation? The patented Moving Edge mechanism is fitted to all our GR8 range of safety knives. The principle is that the GR8 safety Knife allows the blade to move in a slicing action while the Safety Knife cuts. This action reduces snagging during the cut and requires significantly less force than a fixed blade cutter. An additional benefit is the area of contact between the material cut and the blade edge is extended which in turn reduces blade wear.

The Moving Edge is patented technology and only available from COBA Europe.

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