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Knife Risk Assessment

If you use knives within your operations, you can read or download our step by step Knife Risk Assessment guide that will assist you in complying with your legal duty to carry out a risk assessment and, where possible, eliminate risk.


Our Knife Risk Assessment guide is comprehensive and covers the full procedure from start to finish. Following the procedure will allow you to identify areas of your work where staff or others may be put at risk from the use of knives1. The ultimate aim of the procedure is to act pro-actively and to eliminate - or at the very least, reduce - the risk of knife related accidents. If you need assistance you can contact us here.


The procedure starts by recording the area of operation and the risk identified. This can be done using the blank Assessment Form provided in the link below or on your own form. You then assess each of the risks presented and look to provide solutions. Each assessment should be prioritized to deal with the biggest threats to safety first.


Now, using this information, your own knowledge and that of your staff, it will be possible to decide on the safest knife for your applications and to introduce a safe system of work. In this respect, some suggestions are provided.


Next, you should insert your knife policy into your Health and Safety Policy (under the Arrangements section). Again, we have suggested some suitable wording that can be used.


Then, having formulated the procedure, you must now provide your staff with the relevant information and training.


Finally, the last stage of the process is the ongoing review of the procedure to ensure that systems are still current and that there are no changes to your operations or work practices that could affect the level of risk.


( 1 Although the procedures relate to knives, they can be used in respect of other identified risks.)


Follow the links below to either read or download the documents in PDF format (you will need Adobe Reader).

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